Coming soon is a supercharger system for the Cadillac ATS, model years 2013 to present!

Get V like power from your 3.6 V6! The new small Cadillac is very exciting, a small rear drive car that looks great, handles great, and has the 3.6 Direct Injection motor in which we specialize. Now you can get V-like horsepower from your Luxury/Performance model ATS with our Vortech based supercharger system. Power will increase from the factory 260 wheel horsepower on the dyno to 375 wheel horsepower with our base kit, and well above with further performance upgrades.

We will sell a full supercharger kit with intercooler, catch can system and full tuning support. Systems will be separated by the two 3.6 engine configurations: 2013-15 has the "LFX" 3.6 while the 2016-17 have the "LGX" 3.6. The LGX system we will look to use our independent belt drive system, while the LFX system will retrofit into the OEM belt system. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to work within the tight confines of the ATS underhood as well!

Anticipate systems to retail for $6500 for a full system with intercooler, catch can and tuning system, available in the summer of 2017!