About The Company

My name is Will "Overkill" and I operate this small company called Overkill Motorsports.

An accountant by trade, I am a car enthusiast by heart. I have been involved in several car communities in the Greater Toronto Area, from the late model B-Body Impala SS car club, Thunderbird Super Coupes and the Ontario Quebec Grand Prix club. Through those experiences, my interests further developed in cars, as did my experiences in modifying them.

I've been interested in cars as far back as I can remember. My 1998 Grand Prix GTP was the 2nd vehicle I had ever owned. My plans not to modify it lasted mere weeks. There was little aftermarket for our 3800s back then, and I relied on my ambitions and creativity to develop my own modifications to make more horsepower, from custom camshaft specifications, to home ported cylinder heads, superchargers and custom throttle body adaptations. My last Grand Prix, a 2004 Grand Prix GTP CompG and my 4th 3800 Grand Prix, is equipped with a fully built motor with my BBC Cam profile, my own PnP Heads, TOG headers and ZZP Intercooler, sitting beneath a custom GenV-based M112 Hybrid Supercharger, backed by a Redline transmission. The products you see for sale here on the products I use myself, and you can be assured you are buying the best for your own car.

My thanks to my family and colleagues for their lasting support of my business endevours.