Overkill has discontinued tuning and products for the 3500 and 3900 V6 W-Body platforms. Thank you to all my 3500/3900 customers for the last 10+ years of interest, I will remember affectionally my decade plus of W-Body ownership and what it brought to me professionally. I wish you success with your 3500/3900 vehicles!

Note that if you have Overkill tuning through an Autocal handheld or HP Tuner suite, I will continue to provide tuning support for you and your vehicle!

As a gift to the community, I'll share details on the MAF upgrade I've been selling. It comes from a Pontiac G8 GT/GXP or 2007-08 Tahoe/Silverado 5.3, and can be purchased under GM part number 15900023 for around $75 new. It is literally a larger version of the factory 3500/3900 MAF sensor, made for the larger V8 trucks. The electrical MAF sensor insert is the same as factory, so the electrical plug will plug right in. For tuning, reference a factory file from the above vehicles.

This is an Overkill original find. Please credit Overkill with this information when sharing, it is appreciated!