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It's with pride to be a premier tuner for the 3.6 Pentastar V6 found in your 2011-current Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger and Challenger. Overkill specializes in making your Pentastar perform its best by reworking many aspects of the factory tuning to improve throttle response and feel, improve part throttle and mid rpm torque, plus tuning is available for the 8-speed transmission and 5-speed transmission.

Features and Benefits:
  • Dyno tested 25+ wheel horsepower gains over factory on 93 tune, 40+ horsepower gain on E85, doubles the gains of the preloaded Diablo tune
  • Tune purchase includes 87 octane, 91, 93 octane and E85 tune (if flex fuel) calibration files plus custom revisions based on scans for your vehicle
  • Significant torque gains in the mid-range
  • Improved throttle response and feel, more natural throttle progression
  • Fuel mileage potential is improved (3MPG improvements reported on 91 octane)
  • Reprogramming available for lower temperature thermostat, highflow cat converter replacement, intake and exhaust modifications.
  • No Charge Retuning for as long as you own your Pentastar vehicle!
The gains speak for themselves:
Customer#1 0-60mph times...Stock 6.4-6.5...Diablo 6.1-6.2...Overkill 5.7-5.8
Customer #2 Pro Torque Horsepower...Stock 226whp...Diablo 248whp...Overkill 269whp

Customer #3 Dyno Tested Overkill E85 Tune 266whp vs 261whp from a Competitor's E85 custom tune, with max gain of 8whp non-peak
Customer #4 Dyno Tested Overkill E85 Tune 267whp vs 238whp from Diablo preloaded tune, a 29 wheel horsepower gain
Customer #5 Using Overkill 91Plus tune dropped .7 seconds from 0-60 vs factory tune, .3 seconds 0-60 vs Diablo preloaded tune

What Makes Overkill Pentastar tuning the right choice:
  • E85 Tuning - Thanks to the efforts of Diablosport and Overkill Motorsport, proper E85 Pentastar tuning capability was made available in Diablo CMR tuning in October 2014. We continue to lead the way in Pentastar E85 tuning.
  • Throttle Body Programming - Rather than bump the factory throttle curve up 10-20%, we reslope it properly with a smooth curve, to provide better and more natural feel. We also responsibly program part throttle fueling to match the throttle opening rate, something preloaded and competing tunes don't do.
  • Knock sensors are enabled at a lower engine rpm versus the factory programming in many instances, improving engine safety
  • Fuel Injector Calibration is improved over poorly programmed factory settings, an Overkill exclusive feature, which improves fuel economy
  • Each tune file is hand written to ensure you get the right programming and the best results

If you already have a Intune or Trinity from Diablosport, upgrade it by purchasing Overkill tuning. You'll get all the Overkill tune files that we include when buying the Diablo device from us, plus custom datalogging tuning services. Overkill tunes load to your vehicle just like the Diablosport preloaded tunes. Once purchased below, send both original backup and last tune written files from your handheld to to receive your Overkill tunes back. You'll do this by plugging the device into your PC and you'll find a Tunes folder on the drive with the files that are needed.

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For tuning suites, we sell and like using HP Tuners. There's access to more indepth engine tuning and 8-speed transmission parameters on our end, plus 5-speed automatic tuning for 2011-14 models! If requires a laptop or tablet running windows and a USB port. You'll use the suite and cable to read your factory tuning, email the file it generates to Overkill, receive back your Overkill tune files, use the suite and cable to flash to the vehicle, and you'll be able to take scans while driving to further refine. Gives end user control if you desire over tune revisions.

2011-2014 Owners - This purchase is all you'll need to be able to tune your vehicle with Overkill tuning

2015-current Owners - For 2015+, you'll need a modified decrypted computer service along with a tuning suite. HP Tuners offers a service to send in your computer for decryption for $249, details available using this link . You can also get a new computer from Diablosport, or do a computer exchange; for more info on that, go to Overkill is not involved with either of these services and there's no way around these services, you must do one or the other to tune a 2015+ Chrysler product. If you understand the whole PCM modification requirement, put the words "I Understand" in the appropriate field below for us to process your order, we want to ensure you fully understand you need this service in addition to this purchase.

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2015+ Owners, PCM Modification

Already have an HPTuner suite? You can purchase Overkill tune files with ongoing tuning support below, you'll get 87, 91 and 93 octane tunes programmed for your current modifications. You'll need to send a factory read file to in order to receive back your Overkill tunes, once you've made your purchase below.

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The only TRUE larger throttle body is proudly available from Overkill Motorsport. Rather than porting the factory throttle body, our kit adapts a true 80mm sized throttle body to replace the factory 74mm unit. Dramatically improved throttle response, improved breathing and horsepower at higher rpm, and a throatier engine note will all be noticable. Works well on the factory intake manifold, and even better with inlet porting to match.

This kit includes:
  • 80mm throttle body (choice of remanufactured/refurbished or brand new)
  • Aluminum adapter plate
  • Plug and play wiring harness adapter
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • A custom made gasket throttle body gasket
Tech Tip: The factory throttle body has a clamping area (where the tubing attachs) of 80mm, while this throttle body is 87mm. You should have a solution to clamp to the larger throttle body ready to go beore installing. The factory tubing will NOT fit this throttle body.

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The lower intake manifold has a significant flow restriction in its casting. This ported intake manifold fixes that flow restriction and adds a dyno tested 7 wheel horsepower with a tune and air intake as the only other modifications, good bang for the buck. This is a brand new manifold and we don't require your old manifold to be sent in. Can be done at any point in your modification journey with good results.

If you want to run E85 ethanol, it's highly recommended to upgrade your fuel injectors. The factory units we've found they can max out their capacity as soon as 5500rpm, leaning out the engine beyond that point. These 39# fuel injectors will provide the true capacity required run E85 and will improve horsepower at higher rpms while running E85. Once tuned you can run gasoline as well with no issues, but the gains are when running E85.

Tuning is required to install these injectors. They are genuine Bosch brand and a direct replacement to the factory injectors.

The Pentastar downpipes aren't too bad, with two notable exceptions. The driver's side has a flex pipe section that is a pinch area, easily visible. Cutting out and replacing with straight pipe will improve flow. Also, the connections to the cat-back neck down, so if you install a larger aftermarket cat-back, have these sections cut out and the cat-back connection redone without this reduction in pipe size.