We are pleased to be a premier tuner for the 3.6 Direct Injection V6, codename "LFX", found in your 2012 and newer W-Body Impala. As V6 tuning specialists, Overkill is here to support all platforms that this engine equips, and we're very pleased that GM gave the last of the W-Bodys a great run with this terrific V6.

Overkill LFX tuning is a complete and thorough recalibration of the engine and transmission computers. More power, better response, improved fuel economy, improved transmission behaviour, support for aftermarket modifications, whether you're an enthusiast or consider yourself a regular car own, these are changes that you'll appreciate and enjoy every time you drive your Impala.

  • Horsepower gains of 10-20 horsepower at the wheels depending on modifications
  • Smoother acceleration, more mid-range power, less peaky feeling to the power delivery
  • Instant throttle response, no more rubber band feel, NO NEED FOR EXTERNAL THROTTLE BOOSTERS!
  • Increased fuel mileage capability, 1-3 MPG gains will depend on your driving style
  • Fully rewritten transmission shift points will downshift with less throttle input, upshift at better engine rpms, reduce torque converter bogging around town, and improve how the vehicle feels in daily driving by feeling lighter and easier to drive
  • Raised 6800-6900rpm full throttle upshifts, 1st/2nd/3rd gear downshifts available at higher road speeds for improved acceleration
  • Revised cooling fans with 1 minute engine off continuous operation at key off (HPTuners tune only)
  • Improved engine knock response times for improved engine safety
  • Improved engine knock spark recovery rates for improved performance
  • Tracton control less intrusive on hard acceleration (HPTuners tune only)
  • Speed Limiter Removal, Engine park rev limiter raised
  • P0420 code removed for high flow cat converters, request other codes removed
  • No charge revisions for your future modifications

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EFI Live Autocal: The best way to deliver you an Overkill tune for the 2012 and 2013 Impala is with our Autocal handheld. The Autocal handheld allows you to take the handheld to the vehicle, read the factory file, upload our Overkill tunes and provide scan data, no laptop required. You do need to install software on your windows computer to send tunes to the handheld. Return to stock calibration whenever you want, apply updates and retunes easily, and Overkill retuning for new mods is available at no charge for as long as you own your Impala.

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HP Tuners Suite: Another great solution is to sell you an HPTuner Suite to upload your Overkill tune. We're authorized HP Tuner resellers and can sell you an HP Tuner suite with Overkill tune combo. You'll need a laptop to read, scan and flash from inside your vehicle. The purchase here includes your Overkill tune plus no charge revisions for as long as you own your Impala, so you can choose for us to do all your tuning, or dare to improve yourself. **NOTE** If you have a 2014-2015 Impala Limited, we recommend this option over the handheld option due to better support for HPTuners for this platform.

This intake manifold spacer is made by our friends at Jacfab exclusively for overkill Motorsport. This spacer goes beneath the intake manifold to extend the runner (air passage) length of each individual cylinder. This also improves the air volume size of the manifold. While seemingly innocent, this spacer improves horsepower a dyno tested 5 peak wheel horsepower increase with a peak gain of 11 wheel horsepower through the powerband.

This also allows you to run the Overkill 80mm throttle body by providing necessary clearance from the fuel rails. The Overkill 80mm throttle body improves throttle response and peak horsepower by an additional 9 wheel horsepower. Our newest 80mm kit uses an Oring seal in the throttle body adapter plate and a brand new 80mm throttle body unit. Together the throttle body and spacer are a great combo. You'll need to source a 3.5" silicone intake coupling to fit 80mm, won't fit factory intake tubing.

JacFab spacer is made exclusively for Overkill Motorsport for the unique Impala LFX intake manifold. Spacers include new stainless steel bolts and thick stainless washers for durability, and a new PCV tube for easy installation. 80mm kit is Impala specific with a required EVAP solenoid relocation kit.

Preorder On Spacer - Ships Week of March 20
JacFab Spacer $249 - Combo with 80mm $539

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