Overkill is nearly ready to release our Vortech based supercharger system for the 2nd generation model Cadillac CTS with Direct Injection V6 engines. This specifically includes the 2008-2013 3.6 Direct Injection motors and 2010-13 3.0 Direct Injection motor (and 2014 wagon and coupes).

With our supercharger, you can reliably bolt on the horsepower of today's showroom turbo V6 Cadillacs into your own CTS that you currently enjoy. This Vortech kit will pump a mild 8 psi into the motor, producing 400/450 horsepower in the 3.0/3.6 respectively. This kit can be installed by a professional in about 6-8 hours, or competent amateur mechanic in a weekend. Everything required to install is included in the kit, whether you have any modifications currently, or your vehicle is factory untouched. The Overkill kit includes special extras as standard such as full tuning support for the provided tuning suite, and a catch can system which extends engine life and enhances performance further.

Watch the two videos below. The first is after a fresh installation and first startup, listen to the distinctive whir of the Vortech at idle. The second is some mild engine revs, listen for the ppssshh air release sound, that's the boost bypass valve that remains open at idle and off throttle cruising.

Here's the main features and what's included in the Overkill Vortech supercharger kit:

*** Pricing *** - Expect retail systems to be priced at the $6500 mark for everything included. Available Late 2017!

Common Questions and Answers

Question: What Power Gains Are Expected?

Answer: On the 3.0 and 3.6 DI engines, with our base kits at 8psi, power is improved 125 horsepower at the engine, producing 400/450 estimated for the 3.0/3.6 respectively. With our chassis dyno, factory 3.6s dyno 250-260 wheel horsepower, with their appropriate 20% powertrain losses, while our base kits dyno 360-370 wheel horsepower, a 100-120 horsepower gain. Shown below is an example of a base kit dyno, along with a Stage 2 kit with methanol injection and 3-4 more psi of boost, producing 427.5 wheel horsepower. Stage 2 kits consist of a fuel pump upgrade and we'll have something available for the CTS.

Question: How Does The Kit Install?

Answer: The kit is a truly bolt on installation. The Vortech head unit bolts to our mounting plate system, the mounting plate system bolts to existing fastening points on the engine, the crank pulley slip fits and bolts infront of the factory pulley, the intercooler system bolts behind the front bumper cover to the crash bar by drilling and tapping new bolt holes (a drill bit and tap are included), and our piping runs through the engine bay and bumper area from the Vortech to the intercooler and back to the engine. Nothing needs to be permanently modified, we include new replacement items rather than asking for old ones to be modified, we've taken care to provide an easy and enjoyable installation. A professional mechanic can install this kit in 6-9 hours typically, and a competent amateur mechanic can install within a weekend (or a case of beer, depending on your unit of time measurement).

Question: Why not buy a V instead?

Answer: To be clear, we're not targetting the power offered by a "V2" (2nd generation 2009-13 CTS-V with supercharged V8), they're an awesome machine, however you do have to pay for them. Using black book value on your current 08-13 CTS and common retail prices of V2s, the out of pocket expense to you we calculate is minimum $15,000, and typically upwards or over $20,000 if you target a similar year and mileage to your current CTS. We do not consider spending 2-3x the price of our supercharger system a comparable option to buying our supercharger system. Most importantly, you do not have to sell your own car to buy a different car, you can install this supercharger system on the CTS that you currently own and enjoy, and get a performance level that will really make you smile, and be competitive with today's turbo V6 models.