Coming soon is a supercharger system for the 1st generation Cadillac CTS!

Our love of these motors and of the Cadillac CTS will spread back to the 1st generation of CTS to which there are loyal and happy owners of the vehicles. Our Vortech based system will be a bolt on modification to bring your CTS up to the kind of performance you'd want from your CTS if it was new today. A non-intercooled supercharger kit at 6-7psi will bump power up from the factory 215 wheel horsepower of the 3.6 V6 to over 300 wheel horsepower and be budget friendly. All the quality you'd expect from an Overkill system will be present, from CNC anodized aluminum mounting plates, stainless steel fasteners, and full tuning support.

Anticipate a system for both the 2.8 and 3.6 engines with a pricepoint under $5000.

Sorry 2003 owners, the 3.2 engine is an entirely different motor and there is no tuning support from HP Tuners, we do not anticipate doing a supercharger system for the 3.2.